Mozilla Directory (Privacy UI Functional Demo) v0.2

[This is (roughly; I'm no graphic designer) how the main data entry screen might look and function. The default position of each field would be defined by a choice made just before this screen, something like the radio buttons below. But of course, all fields are draggable to wherever you want.

The privacy of any piece of information in Domesday is configurable. But, to get you started, what is your general approach to privacy with regard to information which might identify you?
Pretty Open
In Between
Pretty Private

Enter any information you want to share here (all fields are optional).
Drag and drop fields between sections to change their privacy level (yes, this actually works - functional demo!).

Visible To Whole World

(name by which you prefer to be known)

(just for fun)

Only Trusted Mozillians

(After adding a new identifier, drag it into the appropriate privacy area.)

Only Contributor Community Team