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The Cross Rhythms CD shop is divided into two sections: Retail CDs and Independent CDs. Independent CDs are supplied direct to you by the band/artist, or from Cross Rhythms' own stock. Retail CDs are supplied through our partnership with CPO. If you buy CDs from both shops, you will need to make two separate payments - one for each shop.

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Most of the CDs on sale in the Cross Rhythms CD shop have been reviewed in Cross Rhythms Magazine. CDs which received a ten square review (the best possible) are marked with a gold star: 10 square review! and CDs rated nine squares are marked with a silver star: 9 square review!. You can read the reivew by clicking on the album title.

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Solo artists are listed as "Lastname, Firstname", but you can search on just the first or last name alone if you want to - for example, either "Amy" or "Grant" will return "Grant, Amy". Using both names is better for more common names, though, as it helps to avoid unwanted matches.

Bandnames starting with "The" are listed as "Bandname, The". All other names are listed in the usual order.

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Cross Rhythms Top Picks
Caedmon's Call: Back Home
Authentic Media
‘Back Home’ does exactly what it says on the cover. This is the Houston minstrels’ fifth label project and marks a ...
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BERNAMICA GRAY: Struggle To Tell

Bernamica Gray is the nom-de-musique of Graham Fell, a 45 year old father of two from Leeds, who hasn't the slightest ...
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Not sure what you're looking for? Then go to the Cross Rhythms Artist/Product Profiles, where you can browse through an extensive selection of online reviews from Cross Rhythms Magazine, as well as catch up on news articles and magazine features relating to any artist we have reviewed.