Firefox/Mozilla Party Stuff

This is a page of things which may be useful to anyone putting on a Firefox or Mozilla party.

Eye Candy

If your party location has a video screen, here are some things you can put on it:

  • prettycodescroller - a script to scroll pretty-printed code up a terminal as fast as it can. Quite mesmerising. Photo (obviously non-moving). Requires "enscript" - note the comment in the script source about tweaking the relevant stylesheet. Run it at the top level of a source tree. Note: will need tweaking for Mac OS X, which has a non-GNU "find".
  • Mozilla T-Shirt Collection at Flickr, courtesy of John Slater - use Flickr Downloadr to grab them all, and use F-Spot or a similar tool to show a slideshow of them.
  • Visit chrome://browser/content/credits.xhtml in Firefox for a scrolling list of Firefox contributors. Press Ctrl and + to zoom it in. You may have to fiddle with the about:config settings toolkit.zoomManager.zoomValues and zoom.maxPercent (restart required) in order to get it big enough. Press F11 for full screen.
  • The Download Map.

New Firefox 3.5 Features

Posters and Signs

If you have more stuff to put here, mail me.

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