Before you mail Gerv...

(Inspired by Eric Krock)

I get a lot of mail; and a large proportion of it is on a few common topics, and receives the same set of replies. The theory is that this page should answer those questions, rendering much of the mail unnecessary, and leaving me more time to do constructive things. So, before you mail me, please read this.

I know you personally - does all this apply to me?
No, of course not :-) I'd love to hear from you. Personal stuff | Mozilla stuff.
I have a question about your Christianity page or other Christian stuff...
All questions welcome. Fire away :-).
I'd like my permissions upgraded on
My copy of Firefox or Thunderbird is not working - do you care?
Well yes, in the abstract. But I can't do tech support for hundreds of millions of people by email. Here are the details of the support available for Firefox and Thunderbird.
I've found a bug in some Mozilla project software, or have a great idea for an enhancement - do I tell you?
No. I will not take any action based on bug reports emailed to me. Even if you do think the form is too long and complicated. Both bug reports and enhancement requests go in Bugzilla, where they can be tracked properly (but make sure to search to see if it's been filed before).
I've found a bug in Bugzilla - do I tell you?
No. Bug reports for Bugzilla should go in Bugzilla also (see answer to previous question).
I've found a bug in Patch Maker or another project you own - do I tell you?
Yes please :-). Although if it has a Bugzilla component, best to file it in there.
I don't want to open a Bugzilla account. Would you like to hear me whine about how it's an infringement of my rights and privacy?
I have a problem installing/configuring Bugzilla - do I tell you?
No. Please ask in the discussion forum, where top men will leap on your problem like wolves on a pet rabbit.
I've got $50,000,000 of dodgy money stored in a bank account in (Nigeria|South Africa|Venezuela|Wales). If I give you 40% after expenses, will you help me get it out of the country?

This page is not supposed to be an unfriendly one; if you do mail me on one of the above topics, I'm not going to bite your head off. But I'd rather spend my time hacking than sending emails to people explaining the same things again and again, and people would rather find out what they want to know instantly than wait for me to reply to their mail.

If you have read the above and still wish to mail me, do so :-).

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