Beagle III

A payload of tomatoes takes off
Beagle III was a hack for Hack Day London 2007, done by Ewan Spence, Greg McCarroll and me. The original idea was to build a multi-stage rocket. We had all sorts of plans involving a lower pneumatic stage, a second stage powered by Coke and Mentos, and an upper payload. The Coke/Mento-related test firings were ultimately mostly unsuccessful in terms of actually leaving the ground (a small, but important feature of a rocket-based project), but we feel that making the front page of is sufficient consolation:

So far we've seen two lightning strikes, rain in the main hall, a Pong hack that spanks the loser of each point with a riding crop, bean-bag pillow fights, Nabaztag hacking, and several unsuccessful but highly entertaining launch attempts of a rocket powered by Diet Coke and Mentos.
We ended up sending up a camera on a pneumatic bottle rocket as our actual entry. We made a video of our exploits: YouTube, .mp4 (Ewan says it should be iPod-compatible; feedback welcome).

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